Is Virtue Signaling Vicious?

Is Virtue Signaling Vicious?

Virtue signaling—the practice of highlighting what one takes to be one’s own moral superiority, often by loudly denouncing the character and comportment, including the speech, of other people—has become a dominant mode of rhetoric throughout social media and network...

Cop Kills Man

An unarmed man. Shot him right there in broad daylight. There is a 100% chance the cop will get away with it because he is a government employee. https://youtu.be/umGvDDvMXGE

Cops Kill Man

Three of them. Believe it or not, they've actually been charged. For whatever that's worth. Cops Charged After Video Showed Them Execute Unarmed Accountant, With 3 Bullets to the Head

Cop Kills Man

Que? WATCH: Without Warning Cop Kills Unarmed Father of 3 Over Stop for No Headlights Felony stupidity is not supposed to be a death penalty offense.

Police Officers Are Horrible People

Even the ones that aren't child-rapists or unarmed-black guy-killers are still rat-bastard scumbags not worth their fathers' spilled seed. Like these guys. And this one. Cops love to pretend that good people support them, and that the only people who don't are...

Cop Kills Man

An entirely innocent, unarmed man; a "pillar of the community" who had stopped to break up a fight. It is already a foregone conclusion of course that there will be no accountability whatsoever for this heinous murder because the guilty criminal perpetrator is a...

This Is Your Security Force

From the Free Thought Project: WATCH: School Cops Handcuff Mentally Disabled 8yo Boy, Bring Him to Adult Prison for Misbehaving WATCH: Incompetent Cop Tasers Fellow Officer Causing Him to Shoot Unarmed Man Residents Outraged After Cops Open Fire on 5 Children, Ages...

This Is Your Security Force

The cops aren't really human men so much as savage barbarian sub-human primates like chimpanzees or orangutans. Cop Arrested After Video Caught Him Torturing Naked Unarmed Man in ‘Diabetic Event’

Cop Kills Man

"Stupid!" He says to himself after murdering an unarmed man and getting away with it of course.



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