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News Roundup 5/27/20

News Roundup 5/27/20

US News A Minneapolis police officer handcuffed a man and then put his knee on the back of his neck until he died. Four officers were fired after the murder. [Link] Trump said he wants a full withdrawal from Afghanistan, but refused to set a target date. [Link] The US...

News Roundup 5/27/20

News Roundup 5/1/20

US News The Navy awards a $5.5 billion contract to Fincantieri to build warships. [Link] An Air Force intelligence report was leaked to the press explaining that US sanctions on Iran are harming the country's response to coronavirus. [Link] Russia says it will oppose...

News Roundup 5/27/20

News Roundup 1/30/20

US News The House will vote on two bills today that attempt to restrict the president from starting a war with Iran. One bill says the president must get authorization from Congress before starting a war with Iran and the other bill repeals the 2002 AUMF. [Link] A...

Ron Paul asks: Why Was Soleimani Assassinated?

President Trump and Mike Pompeo told us that Iranian Gen. Soleimani had to be assassinated when he was in Baghdad at the end of last week because he was on a mission to plan and implement attacks on US military and diplomatic personnel in the region. But their story...

Trump Stumbling Into Neocon Trap In Iraq

President Trump is swallowing the neocon line on the Iraqi protests at the US embassy in Baghdad, blaming the whole incident on Iran. Suddenly everyone who doesn't want the US military to continue to occupy Iraq - nearly 17 years after an invasion based on lies - is...



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