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One of the terrorist-murderers captured in Moscow claimed that he was paid the equivalent of US$5400 to kill innocent people. In his native Tajikstan that is no doubt a lot of money. His willingness to kill for money is not new, the mercenary trade is one steeped in...

Shut Up: You’re Not An Expert

Shut Up: You’re Not An Expert

You're not entitled to an opinion, because you're not an "expert." Can you imagine anyone still speaking this way after the conduct of the so-called "experts" over the past three years? But they do, dear reader. They do. This happened to me just the other day. A...



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Last Rights: The Death of American Liberty

Last Rights: The Death of American Liberty

Americans today have “freedom” to be fleeced, groped, injected, harassed, surveilled, vilified, disarmed, beaten, detained, and maybe shot by federal agents. From hapless homeowners hit by SWAT raids to pandemic lockdowns pointlessly paralyzing lives, government...

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