Haaretz: IDF Bombed Aid Convoy on Approved Route

by | Apr 2, 2024

Haaretz has more details on IDF drone strikes that killed seven international aid workers on Monday night.

The victims included two US-Canadian dual-national Palestinians and five citizens of Australia, Poland and the UK. (Edit: World Central Kitchen – the NGO that employed the aid workers – has since identified those killed and clarified their nationalities: one US-Canadian, a local Palestinian, three UK nationals and citizens of Australia and Poland.)

Per IDF sources cited by the newspaper, Israeli forces had approved the convoy’s route, but suddenly realized a single “terrorist“ was present and had to be executed immediately. A Hermes 450 drone proceeded to methodically bomb all three vehicles in the convoy, one after another, killing all of its passengers.

They did not include the nameless “terrorist.“ He remains at large, “ostensibly armed.“

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