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Putin Threatens MLRS Transfers to Ukraine Will Provoke Strikes, UK Announces Shipment of M270 Rocket Launchers


Russian President Vladimir Putin warned Western shipments of long-range rockets to Kiev will compel Moscow to hit several targets around Ukraine. In recent days the US announced it would send rockets with a range of 50 miles to Kiev. On Sunday, London announced it would also send long-range M270 rocket launchers to Ukraine. 

American Infallibility

Beneath the widespread stubborn American refusal to understand the Russian government's motives for its condemnable invasion of Ukraine is the equally widespread stubborn refusal to learn from the U.S. government's wrong moves with respect to Russia over the last 30 years. But even deeper is the widespread stubborn refusal to even entertain the possibility that the U.S. government might have made any wrong moves at all.

TGIF: When History Begins – Russia, Ukraine & the US


Contrary to what hypocritical U.S. rulers and their loyal mass media suggest, two propositions can both be -- and indeed are -- true: that Russia has grossly, brutally, and criminally mishandled the situation it has faced with respect to Ukraine, and that the U.S. government since the late 1990s has been entirely responsible for imposing that situation on Russia. If you want the fine details, you can do no better than to watch my Libertarian Institute colleague Scott Horton's excellent cataloging of the irresponsible misdeeds of Presidents Bill Clinton, George W. Bush, Barack Obama,...

Media Criticism of Putin’s Invasion Rings Hollow


With Russia’s attack on Ukraine underway, the corporate media is awash with openly hostile coverage of the conflict, embedded with an implicit premise that the Russian Aggressor has invented an empty pretext for the invasion of its neighbor. Concerns over NATO, it suggests, are merely cover for an expansionist dictator hellbent on conquering Europe. Vladimir Putin’s ongoing incursion into Ukraine is excessive and unjustified. The deaths of innocent civilians are on his hands, and steps short of an assault were likely available to him. (A true peacekeeping mission to defend...


Vladimir Putin's invasion and bombing of Ukraine deserve the condemnation of all decent people. Regardless of what has been going on over there, Putin did not have to do it. He had a moral obligation to deal with the issues properly. His actions cannot be excused.

Why Provoke Putin?

No one I know who criticizes America's post-Cold War policy toward Russia -- including the U.S. position on Ukraine -- thinks Vladimir Putin is a good guy. Indeed, the case against U.S. bellicosity toward Russia in no way depends on a favorable view of the Russian ruler. On the contrary, it is because Putin is who he is (an aggrieved nationalist) and because of Russia's place in history that the U.S. policy of ignoring, when not belittling, Russia's security concerns is so dangerous. Russia's history -- including multiple invasions from the west -- is what it is, and that huge nuclear...

Lunatic With a Plan: Erdogan and Turkey’s Economic Woes

vladimir putin and recep tayyip erdoğan (2015 06 13) 3

Since the first assault on Turkey’s finances in 2018, which I wrote about multiple times (here, here, and here), I’ve been the lone voice telling everyone that President Recep Tayyip Erdogan is a lunatic but he’s a lunatic with a plan. That plan is to de-dollarize the economy of a valuable member of NATO geostrategically. Since the first shots across the bow by the Trump administration at Erdogan’s toying with those powers east of the Bosporus (Russia, China and Iran) the Turkish lira has been the primary mode of attack against Erdogan. Erdogan has pursued what has been deemed unorthodox...

TGIF: Joe Biden, Let’s Not Go to War


Here's a good idea: let's not go to war against Russia. Let's not even rattle a saber at Russia (or China, for that matter) because even wars that no one really wants can be blundered into. Many losers would be left in the aftermath, even if nuclear weapons were kept out of sight, but no one would win. So as that smart Defense Department computer says in the 1983 movie WarGames, "The only winning move is not to play." The crisis du jour is Ukraine; before that, it was Georgia, both former Soviet republics. For some inexplicable reason, Russia's rulers get nervous when the U.S. foreign...

Putin Interviews – Summary, Analysis, & Lessons Learned


https://youtu.be/qKdnhNMMbHM Marx and his followers have never demonstrated any awareness of the vital importance of the problem of allocation of scarce resources. Their vision of communism is that all such economic problems are trivial, requiring neither entrepreneurship nor a price system nor genuine economic calculation ... Murray N. Rothbard Classical Economics, p. 335 0:10 - Privatization 0:45 - Al-Qaeda Origins (Operation Cyclone) 3:10 - NATO Lies - In Search of Foe 4:17 - Unipolar World speech 5:37 - People change, policies do not 6:05 - Military budget comparison 6:52 - False...

CNN Has Been Taken Over By The RUSSIANS!!

Here the obviously compromised-by-Russia CNN "reporters" Jasmine Wright, Rachel Janfaza and Gregory Krieg say there are reasons for leftists to oppose Biden: Progressive activists are wary over criminal justice under a Biden-Harris administration They cite all leftie activists who say they are going to vote for Biden-Harris, but without enthusiasm. This is a well-known Russian Kompromat Active Measures Psychological Operations tactic! The all-Powerful Vladimir Putin must have sent the GRU and FSB to take over CNN, our last bastion of freedom and truth protecting America from Russian...


White House Considering Reducing or Increasing Tariffs on China

President Joe Biden is examining a range of options for what to do with the current tariffs on China, according to Reuters. For months, the administration has considered cutting tariffs on Beijing to relieve inflation in the US, but has alternatively thought about additional penalties as China carries out military drills in the waters surrounding Taiwan. 

News Roundup 8/10/2022

US News The Biden administration yesterday urged a federal judge to dismiss a lawsuit challenging the ban on gun possession by medical marijuana users, saying that law is consistent with a long tradition of firearm regulation in the United States. Reason The U.S....


The Brief Case for Pacifism – Bryan Caplan, Ph.D.

  “My case for pacifism, to recap, comes down to three simple premises. The first two are empirical: Premise #1: The short-run costs of war are clearly awful. [Empirical claim about immediate effects of war]. Premise #2: The long-run benefits of war are highly...

Why We Should Study China

  I would posit that there is no civilization so utterly foreign to Americans than China. Often, American impressions of China are informed by preconceptions, myth, and fear of the other. For the average American, the sum of all knowledge about China is derived...

Kennedy Tonight

Tonight I'll be back on Kennedy Nation talking central banking and war. Update:

Cuban Missile Crisis Things

This old New Yorker piece about Curtis LeMay has some details about the Missile Crisis that I did not know and want to save here for someday. So we all already knew that 1: the USSR did already have operational short and medium range missiles in Cuba, but Khrushchev...

Happy April Glaspie Day!

Thank you, Julian Assange: SADDAM'S MESSAGE OF FRIENDSHIP TO PRESIDENT BUSH Date:1990 July 25, 12:46 (Wednesday) Canonical ID:90BAGHDAD4237_a Original Classification:SECRET Current Classification:SECRET Handling Restrictions-- Not Assigned -- Character Count:13633...

The Scott Horton Show

7/28/22 Douglas Macgregor on NATO’s Doomed Strategy in Ukraine

 Download Episode. This week on Antiwar Radio, Scott was joined by retired Col. Douglas Macgregor to discuss the ongoing war in Ukraine. Macgregor has been deeply critical of NATO’s reaction to the Russian invasion, which he calls impulsive. He says the leverage...

Conflicts of Interest

Biden Builds Anti-Iranian Axis During His Middle East Trip: COI #305

On COI #305, Kyle Anzalone and Connor Freeman break down the latest news on Iran, the JCPOA, President Joe Biden’s Middle East trip, and the economic crisis facing Europe. Connor discusses Biden’s trip to Israel where he signed a joint declaration with the Israeli...

COI #304: Mexico Attempts to Save Press Freedom in America

On COI #304, Kyle Anzalone discusses Mexico's asylum offer to Julian Assange.   Odysee Rumble  Donate LBRY Credits bTTEiLoteVdMbLS7YqDVSZyjEY1eMgW7CP Donate Bitcoin 36PP4kT28jjUZcL44dXDonFwrVVDHntsrk Donate Bitcoin Cash Qp6gznu4xm97cj7j9vqepqxcfuctq2exvvqu7aamz6...

Don't Tread on Anyone

Why Democratic Socialists Are Wrong About “Profit”

https://youtu.be/Eg9OIssCmsc One of the most incredible attributes of free markets is the ability to harmonize our self-interests with the interests of greater society. Contrary to the popular demonization of profits as extraction of surplus value, profits in freed...

The Voluntaryist Handbook: Self-Ownership and Its Implications

https://youtu.be/xGrh6D3o8Kw One need look no further than to the examples of North and South Korea or East and West Germany to see that the freer people are, the wealthier they can become through mutually beneficial voluntary exchange. These two controlled...

Liberty Weekly Podcast

Justin Raimondo’s American Epitaph Ep. 222

https://youtu.be/8yNp_Rqr1AE On July 4, 2022, I reflect on the United States' fall from republic to failing empire. In doing so, I get a little help from Murray Rothbard and Justin Raimondo. Episode 222 of the Liberty Weekly Podcast is Brought to you by:...

Proxy Wars…The Punishment Due Ep. 221

  https://youtu.be/51gBx3rE7zw In this week's episode, I take the audience on an even deeper dive into my most recent piece for the Libertarian Institute. Episode 221 of the Liberty Weekly Podcast is Brought to you by: LibertyWeekly.club Join my membership and...

Year Zero

Avoiding Nihilism w/Rachel Tobias

Rachel joined me again, and this time we are talking about how to avoid nihilism and continue moving forward. Rachel Twitter Discord Libertarian Institute 19 Skills Pdf Autonomy Course Critical Thinking Course Donate Patreon RyanBunting.com

The Tweet Heard Around the World w/Cam Harless

Cam joined me to discuss the essence of women and being bi. The Mad Ones Cam twitter Discord Libertarian Institute 19 Skills Pdf Autonomy Course Critical Thinking Course Donate Patreon RyanBunting.com

Nihilism w/Buck Johnson

Buck joined me to discuss Nihilism by Fr Seraphim Rose. Nihilism is an interesting critique of liberalism that walks through the stages of societal degradation. Fr Seraphim determines that the replacement of an objective truth with relative truth sends the world into...

A Deep Dive w/Monica Perez

Monica Perez joined me for an in depth conversation on culture, religion, ESG, WEF, the future, and how the 21st Century is different than the 20th Century. Monica Twitter Discord Libertarian Institute 19 Skills Pdf Autonomy Course Critical Thinking Course Donate...

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