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Lessons From the Rape of Nanking

Lessons From the Rape of Nanking

The "Rape of Nanking" is a high watermark of imperial savagery, even in the context of the violent and brutal Japanese Empire. This frenzy of rape and genocide was committed against a Chinese populace after their government abandoned the city and the international...

Ending the Yemen War

There's a Resolution in the House, HJ Res 87, a War Powers Resolution demanding an end to all support for Saudi and UAE's war in Yemen. The new Libertarian Party is working with all the great Yemen war activists to do a pressure campaign on Congress to support it....

Ukraine Sacks Human Rights Commissioner

Ukraine Sacks Human Rights Commissioner

Ukrainian lawmakers have voted to remove human rights commissioner Lyudmila Denisova, accusing the official of doing too little to protect citizens amid an ongoing Russian invasion, and of tarnishing Kiev’s reputation abroad with unverified atrocity stories.

News Roundup 5/15/2022

News Roundup 5/15/2022

US News The VA purchased 10,000 iPhones and 85% were wasted sitting in storage. [Link] Russia Belarus says Western sanctions will block between $16-$18 billion in exports. [Link] Rand Paul is blocking the Senate from passing the $40 billion Ukrainian aid bill. Paul is...



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