Daniel Hale: Drone Program Whistleblower

Daniel Hale has been sentenced to nearly four years of prison for documenting what other drone operators had spoken out about: that military-aged males killed by missiles launched by drones were assumed guilty until proven innocent. Under President Obama, thousands of...

Ron and Dan on Impeachment

Why are the Democrats' witnesses for the prosecution (the "whistleblowers") allowed to remain anonymous and avoid cross-examination? Pelosi was roped into proceeding with impeachment of President Trump against her political judgement and now she is beginning to pay...

Cop Nation

The government plan to turn us all into snitches. Whistleblowers help government collect billions in unpaid taxes WASHINGTON — Whistleblowers who helped the federal government collect $1.4 billion in unpaid taxes last year reaped a record $312 million in reward money...

News Roundup 8/8/18

More US lobbyists are registering as foreign agents after the prosecutions of Flynn, Manafort, and Gates. [Link] Ron Paul explains why the new sanctions bill targeting Russia will not achieve the ends its neocon backers hope. [Link] The UN is failing to protect...



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