Yemen War

Donald Trump wants to Leave Syria but Bomb Yemen?

Donald Trump wants to Leave Syria but Bomb Yemen?

Trump has called for some US troops to withdraw from northeastern Syria.  However this move has Democrats screaming about the local Kurds being abandoned who were our ally, that we were protecting. However they are criticizing him for the wrong reasons.  The real...

UAE Quitting Yemen War?

There was this report of limited withdrawals the other day, but now the WSJ is saying they're quitting the war against the Houthis entirely, and now are going to focus on fighting their al Qaeda and ISIS allies. Who knows? Cross-posted at

House Debating Yemen War Powers Resolution

The hawks are trying to add an "anti-Semitism" amendment so that it won't match the Senate version. Not that their genocidal agenda in Yemen has anything to do with Likud's anti-Iranian strategy for the Middle East or anything. Those are entirely separate issues....

Congress Votes to End War

Congress Votes to End War

On FPF #323, I discuss Congress passing the Yemen War Powers Bill. The bill calls for an end of the US involvement in the Saudi-led war against Yemen. The bill continues to face hurdles and Trump has threatened to veto the bill. I explain what is in the bill and why...

Call Your Senator Now! (Please!)

Looks like the anti-Yemen war resolution has a great chance to get passed today. C-SPAN 2 now. Please call. It's marginal, I know, but it's something. Capitol switchboard. Update: It passed! This will not end the war legally, but it's a huge step toward forcing an end...

FPF #272 – Unbelievable

On FPF #272, I discuss the House killing a bill that would invoke the War Powers Act to bring the US support for the genocidal Yemen War to an end. The House attached a sentence to a bill about grey wolves to strip the Yemen bill of its privilege to be brought to a...

New Bipartisan Effort in Senate to Stop the War in Yemen

Progressive Senator Bernie Sanders (I-VT), Senator Chris Murphy (D-CT) and libertarian-leaning Senator Mike Lee (R-UT) have introduced new legislation this week that would end US support in the Yemen War. It's unclear if the legislation will be allowed to come to a...



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