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News Roundup 4/15/2022

by | Apr 15, 2022

News Roundup 4/15/2022

by | Apr 15, 2022


  • The Pentagon met with leaders of arms makers on Wednesday to discuss increasing the supply ability. [Link]
  • Two US lawmakers travel to Kyiv. [Link]
  • Russia says Ukraine carried out a cross-border helicopter attack. [Link]
  • Russia threatens to deploy nukes to the Baltic region if Finland and Sweden join NATO. [Link]
  • Germany may not invite India to the G7 summit in June over India’s refusal to back the Western campaign to isolate Russia. [Link]
  • The EU is working on a plan to phase out Russian energy imports. [Link]
  • Russia sanctioned hundreds of US lawmakers. [Link]
  • French President Macron doesn’t back Biden’s genocide claim. [Link]
  • Treasury Secretary Yellen warns China it must work to end the war in Ukraine. [Link]
  • Ukraine arrests the former leader of the opposition party. [Link]
  • US and Ukrainian officials say they cannot confirm chemical weapons allegations. [Link]
  • Putin says peace talks with Ukraine are at a dead end. [Link]


  • Veterans are pushing for access to Afghan government accounts. [Link]

Burkina Faso

  • Eleven soldiers and police were killed in Burkina Faso. [Link]

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