New DNA Evidence Likely Exonerates a Texas Death Row Inmate. The Government Won’t Test It.

Rodney Reed is set to die by lethal injection in less than two weeks.

Time is running out for Rodney Reed, a Texas man on death row who is scheduled to die on November 20. There are many reasons to doubt Reed’s guilt, but the most glaring one is that several experts have concluded it’s scientifically impossible. The state is set to execute Reed anyway.

Reed, who was convicted in 1998 for the murder of 19-year-old Stacey Stites, will be put to death by lethal injection in just under two weeks unless Texas Gov. Greg Abbott (R) intervenes. A group of bipartisan state legislators made their plea for a reprieve on Tuesday, asking for more time to review the mounting body of evidence that Reed did not kill Stites.

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