When Elites Own the Narrative, And Own You Too

by | Nov 9, 2022

When Elites Own the Narrative, And Own You Too

by | Nov 9, 2022

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“Nothing is so permanent as a temporary government program.” – Milton Friedman

The twentieth century and the second industrial revolution ushered in a new era of politics. The progressive era was underway, as was new opportunities for the political elites to increase their wealth, power, and influence over society. Social engineering was born, and the managerial class was determined to undermine the American tradition of personal sovereignty. This erosion of rights could only occur with the direct cooperation of the citizenry; they had to convince the people to give up their autonomy for their own good.

“Landholders ought to have a share in the government, to support these invaluable interests and to balance and check the other. They ought to be so constituted as to protect the minority of the opulent against the majority.” – James Madison

At America’s founding, the “right” to vote was determined by the state you lived in. States at this time limited that privilege to landowners. They reasoned that the role of government was limited to commerce and defense, not cultural or social issues. The people affected by the intervention of government were the net taxpayers, aka landowners and business owners, since the only tax was based on property or business, not income.

The social engineers recognized that in the system as established they would never be able to expand their control over the levers of power. If they were to displace the wishes of the productive class, they had to emphasize a class divide in which the majority were the victims of the “wealthy” landowners. They quickly got to work organizing movements and entitlement programs in the late nineteenth century. This carried on into the early twentieth century before they were able to create enough tension on the ground that the federal government amended the Constitution and created a new class of voter with the numbers and power to override the economic freedom that the productive class had come to enjoy. The parasite class was born.

Over the years the productive class has struggled to maneuver the political space, busily keeping their heads above water and raising kids, as the parasite class has grown to include politicians, corporate CEOs, bankers, the military brass, and even foreign countries. Incomes for the productive segment of society have stagnated, unable to keep up with inflation, as welfare for foreign nations, the rich, and the poor have increased, the federal reserve prints trillions, and politicians vote to give themselves pay raises. In addition, the bureaucratic state has grown by deepening the public’s trust in its ultimate “expertise” and “authority,” while robbing the people of their local sovereignty with an itemized receipt of kickbacks from the federal government.

“When I joined the NSC in July 2018, I began implementing the administration’s policy on Ukraine. In the Spring of 2019, I became aware of outside influencers promoting a false narrative of Ukraine inconsistent with the consensus views of the interagency. This narrative was harmful to US government policy. While my interagency colleagues and I were becoming increasingly optimistic on Ukraine’s prospects, this alternative narrative undermined US government efforts to expand cooperation with Ukraine.”– Alexander Vindman

In my recent blog post, Power as Property, the goal was to shed light on how power is viewed by the political elites and the deep state, but what was not covered is how it came to be and what can be done to combat the reigning perspective of the beltway.

It’s fair to say that prior to Trump’s presidency most people were unaware of how deep the rabbit hole went when discussing the corruption of the U.S. government. Most were distracted by obvious kickbacks, corporate welfare, foreign lobbies, insider trading, and pay to play schemes, but relatively no one saw the operations of the government as an attempt to justify power as property. When Alexander Vindman testified that Trump’s attempt to change standing policy with Ukraine undermined existing policy it came as a surprise to many. It also justified Trump’s rhetoric around the deep state and gave new context to Eisenhower’s warning of the military-industrial Complex.

Maybe this was a one-off. Was Vindman just a loose cannon?

That question was answered shortly thereafter. In November  2020 a former U.S. envoy for Syria, James Jefferey, admitted he had repeatedly lied to Trump about how many troops were stationed in Syria.

Famously, Defense Secretary Jim “Mad Dog” Mattis resigned over Trump’s order to withdrawal from Syria. But, in the meantime, the administrative state designated to carrying out the withdrawal decided to lie rather than carry out the orders of the president. Yet another sign that the bureaucratic state has captured the power once reserved for elected officials and they’re not going to forfeit that power for anyone, including a president.

“I was on the way to winning until the combination of Jim Comey’s letter on October 28 and Russian WikiLeaks raised doubts in the minds of people who were inclined to vote for me but got scared off—and the evidence for that intervening event is, I think, compelling [and] persuasive.”– Hillary Clinton

Nothing was more obvious during the 2016 presidential election than the hate for Donald Trump by the establishment of both parties. What many people call the uniparty is an ensemble of political elites indoctrinated into the status quo of allowing the bureaucratic consensus to determine the projection of the nation. When the people revolted against the status quo, electing Trump, the political establishment went into full panic mode and concocted a conspiracy in which Trump worked with Vladimir Putin to destabilize the United States by interfering in the presidential election.

For four years the intelligence agencies, corporate press, political establishment, and Big Tech worked together to ensure that the Russian narrative around Trump stayed alive. They impeached him twice, blocked any policies he was elected to undergo, and demonized him constantly. He couldn’t even eat a steak without constant attacks on his person.

All this was done in an attempt to protect the previous 100 years of power the social engineers had accumulated at the cost of individual autonomy.

“At this point it’s probably not correct to say it’s a conspiracy because it’s out in the open, there is no doubt about who the players are, what they’re trying to achieve… It’s real, and we’re going to beat it.”– Hillary Clinton

Since the 90s, progressives have been declaring that there’s a vast right-wing conspiracy working to undermine the power and control that they seek. They’ve even gone as far as claiming that Steve Bannon is the leader of the conspiracy.

In the past it was effective for a political personality to state such things without evidence, but in the modern information age one must provide evidence or shut down dissent. Given there’s little to no evidence of a “vast right-wing conspiracy” the powers that be went into action. As The Intercept reported this week in the DHS leaks, the Patriot Act has been turned on U.S. citizens. The intelligence agencies are coordinating with social media platforms to shutdown speech that questions or challenges the government narratives around COVID-19, the Afghanistan withdrawal, Ukraine funding, and elections. If you question any of these decisions, you’re a conspiracy theorist, but if you believe there’s a right-wing conspiracy that’s been in place since the early 90s you’re just well informed.

The narrative is owned. The information is owned. Your dissent is owned. Your government is owned. Power is the property of the elites, and if you question them, you must be punished.

 “Our democracy is at stake.”– Nancy Pelosi

When Joe Biden says if “Mega MAGA” Republicans win elections it is a threat to “our democracy,” he is not misspeaking or being hypocritical. For decades the elites have controlled the propaganda and convinced the citizens that the personal sovereignty and power of the productive class was theirs for the taking. They vote on your property, your money, your rights, your children, and give authority to their big tech cronies to police your speech and control your thoughts. They have adopted their role as power brokers in control of narratives and lifestyles, introducing policies that will destroy your way of life and the wealth it creates. If you disagree with their role, you are an extremist, a bigot, a white supremacist, and a NAZI. You are not allowed to support just any candidate or believe just any ideology. You must fall in line to continue granting the deep state bureaucrats, corporate elites, bankers, and career politicians authority over your lives, finances, and children. Anything less is uncivilized.

In the early twentieth century, when the social engineers began to disrupt society and create the parasite class, they had an objective in mind. They saw a world in which choice was limited to the whims of the elites. Today, now that the parasites are the elites, and the productive class is made up of average working families, they have the wealth, power, and influence to shape society, cull populations, start wars, and determine the parameters of daily life.

I’m not going to tell you there’s a conspiracy involving a cabal of billionaires, activists, media personalities, and politicians trying to shape society and influence elections…I’m not going to tell you that, because it’s already been said.

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