Where Did Washington Go Wrong in Syria?

The unending Syrian conflict has become the most prolonged and bloodiest since the start of the twenty-first century. It carried off the lives of millions of Syrian, turned the country into a battlefront and caused an immigration crisis in Western states. Moreover, a new fear threatened the world—an emergence of international terrorism, which not only damaged regional security, but also plunged many European capitals into a chaos.   Such a situation could not be ignored by major players on the international scene, including the United States which has been involved in the Syrian crisis since...

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Will Northeastern Syria Become A Flashpoint Between Turkey and the United States?

Last November, the United States saw a rather dramatic presidential election that put a lot at stake and in many ways was supposed to determine the direction of Washington's foreign policy. The new administration under Joe Biden's leadership has repeatedly signaled its intention to introduce a number of adjustments to the current situation in the Middle East, recast the shape of relations with regional powers such as Iran and Turkey, and reinvigorate cooperation with the Kurdish-dominated Autonomous Administration of the North and East Syria (AANES), the main U.S. ally in Syria. Needless to...

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Syrian Oil Smuggling Ring Unites Turkey, Syrian Kurds, Barzani Family

Syrian Oil Smuggling Ring Unites Turkey, Syrian Kurds, Barzani Family

A reluctant decline of violence on the fronts of the Syrian conflict over the past few years brought a flickering hope for an improvement of the overall situation in the country battered by the almost decade-long conflict. This positive impulse, however, failed to meet the expectations: both the government and opposition areas continue to suffer from a severe economic crisis. The northeastern provinces run by the Syrian Kurds were also affected by the collapse of the economy. Despite the control over most of the country's oil fields the Autonomous Administration of North and East Syria...

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