Televised Brutality: Cops Raid Man’s Home For Benefit of TV Cameras

Televised Brutality: Cops Raid Man’s Home For Benefit of TV Cameras

The controversial reality TV show “Live PD” was recently taken off the air, as the country is beginning to rethink its relationship with police, and how they are being portrayed in the media. Just like the show’s predecessor “COPS,” Live PD has been accused of crossing ethical boundaries in order to get their footage. In one case, the Williamson County Sheriff’s Office in Texas is being accused of intentionally passing up an opportunity to arrest their suspect, Asher Watsky, while he was in court, just so they could raid his home for the television cameras a few hours later. The court...

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Man Shoots Intruder, Turns Out to Be Cop — Gets 13.5 Years

Tyler Harrell was found guilty of a charge of aggravated assault today in a case that should concern anyone who cares about the right to self-defense. Back in 2016, Harrell grabbed his AK-47 after being awaken by a loud bang.  With him and his mom believing his house was being broken in to, he went on to shoot one of the intruders in the knee. Unfortunately for Harrell, the people that broke down his door had government badges. The Austin SWAT team, allegedly responding to Snapchat photos of Harrell with drugs, guns, and cash, were conducting a no-knock raid on the house. Their search found...

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Iran Sanctions a Reminder of How America Militarized the Financial System

Only CNN was surprised by Donald Trump’s recent announcement that he was pulling the United States out of the Iran Deal negotiated by his predecessor. Following the same failed approach of the last Republican administration, the President opted for confrontation with the Iranian regime rather than uplifting more moderate factions within the country through trade. The decision has already increased tensions in the volatile region, with Iran and Israel exchanging fire in Syria. Meanwhile European leaders are meeting Iranian officials to try to design a way to bypass new American sanctions....

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Denver Police Caught On Video Stealing Blankets From Homeless People

The homeless population of the United States is constantly under attack by law enforcement, for the crime of being poor and living on the streets. For people who are down on their luck and out in the cold, the police are sadly more of a concern than the elements or common criminals. In Denver, for example, local police have sparked national controversy after video of them stealing blankets from homeless people went viral this week. The police confiscated the blankets and camping gear claiming that the property was being held as “evidence.” The officers were enforcing a city-wide ban on...

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