Is Netanyahu Going to Finally Lose Power? Does it even Matter?

Is Netanyahu Going to Finally Lose Power? Does it even Matter?

Elections are only weeks away in the US’s “51st state,” Israel. This comes as a result of Benjamin Netanyahu, the longest “serving” prime minister in Israel’s history, being unable to form a coalition after the last election despite the right-wing getting a clear majority of the Knesset. This is due to infighting between the religious and secular right-wing factions. Israel now heads to a second election, despite it being clear the electorate wants a right-wing government. At the center of this election are personal fights between various politicians and over religious issues (Israel does...

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A Libertarian Solution for Israel-Palestine?

Along the road to liberty I passed many stations of tyranny. Like almost everyone else, I wasn’t born a libertarian but shopped around many ideologies until I stumbled across the beautiful universal and simple ideas of voluntary interaction. The worst of those stations was the station of radical fundamentalist Zionism, I spent a solid 3 years as a hardcore Meir Kahane Zionist that believed in forcible removal of any and all non Jews in all of Biblical Israel (many among these groups have been clear this includes Lebanon Jordan large parts of Syria and Egypt) that did not accept complete...

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