US Presidents are No Match for the Deep State

Our three most recent Presidents were elected on relatively non-interventionist platforms but became decidedly more hawkish once in office. Although much is made of the exceptionalism of Donald Trump’s presidency, like George W. Bush and Barrack Obama before him, he is now bending to the will of America’s Deep State. Although the term “Deep State” has been politicized, it remains a good moniker for the evolving cast of security and foreign policy officials (mostly unelected), pundits and contractors that advocate for and benefit from aggressive US foreign and security policies. This group...

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Yountville Shootings Another Cost of War

Last Friday, an Afghanistan War veteran suffering from PTSD took hostages at a Northern California veterans home, ultimately killing three female employees and himself. And so, the senseless and endless US intervention in Afghanistan has claimed four more lives, right here at home. These were not the first domestic casualties at the hands of traumatized veterans of America’s Middle East adventures, and, unfortunately, they probably won’t be the last. In 2013, an Iraqi War veteran killed Chris Kyle, subject of the film American Sniper, and a neighbor while they were trying to help him deal...

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Libertarianism Is More Than Just Market Fundamentalism

Libertarianism Is More Than Just Market Fundamentalism

Libertarian critics and supporters alike often characterize our approach to social problems as “let the market take care of it.” If the government would just stop taxing and regulating us, so the narrative goes, all our troubles would be left behind. This oversimplification of libertarian policy proposals understandably turns off potential allies while lending opponents a powerful club with which to bash us. A better characterization of libertarian policy is that we believe individuals can generally achieve better results by cooperating voluntarily within a just system of property rights...

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