The Fourth of July: A Celebration of Liberty’s Fundamental Principles

The Fourth of July is a day on which many Americans take time away from work to enjoy a holiday celebration with their family and friends. Things like barbecue, parades, fireworks, and flag-waving have all become part of the traditional July 4th celebration. Although holiday celebrations with family and friends are certainly valuable in and of themselves, it appears that tragically, fewer and fewer Americans understand the historical significance of the day and the ideas it represents. (If you’re not convinced, feel free to click here before reading more.) In short, the Fourth of July is a...

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A Celebration of Frédéric Bastiat: Free Trader, Economist, and Defender of Liberty

Claude-Frédéric Bastiat was born on June 29, 1801 in Bayonne, a small port city in Southern France. At age 10, Bastiat was orphaned by his parents and based on the recognition he gets as a historical figure and economist, one might think his life ended at that point. Fortunately, it did not and Bastiat’s grandparents cared for him for the remainder of his childhood. When Bastiat was just 25, his grandfather passed away and left behind the family estate. Upon inheriting the estate, young Frédéric could have easily chosen to live an unproductive lifestyle and squander his inheritance, but for...

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Character and Liberty: A Relationship We Must Always Remember

“No people who lost their character kept their liberties.” The statement is often repeated, yet far too often overlooked. How is it that such an important statement uttered by a man who has dedicated decades of his life to advancing the cause of liberty—Lawrence “Larry” Reed—rarely seems to get the attention it deserves from those who aspire to create a truly free society? Even in the United States, which remains the freest society on earth today in many ways, liberty-lovers far too often focus on the liberties that have been lost rather than the conditions that cultivated the growth of...

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President Nixon’s 46 Year War Against the American People

In June of 1971, President Richard Nixon ordered: When traffic in narcotics is no longer profitable, then that traffic will cease. Increased enforcement and vigorous application of the fullest penalties provided by law are two of the steps in rendering narcotics trade unprofitable. But as long as there is a demand, there will be those willing to take the risks of meeting the demand. So we must also act to destroy the market for drugs, and this means the prevention of new addicts, and the rehabilitation of those who are addicted. It’s no surprise that America’s dimwitted 37th President – the...

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The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia: A US Ally or Danger to the World?

Donald Trump was in the news over the weekend because he made his first foreign trip to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. President Trump and his family were greeted at the airport by King Salman, who rode to the Ritz Carlton hotel with the President. Later in the afternoon, Trump attended a traditional arrival ceremony and royal banquet. Following the President’s visit, details emerged about the signing of a $110 billion investment deal between the US and the Saudis, which occurred during Trump’s visit. So far, the deal has been widely criticized not only by scores of democrats, but also by...

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Promoting Democracy: Bad for the US, Bad for the World

Former US Secretary of State, Condoleezza Rice, recently released a new book titled Democracy: Stories from the Long Road to Freedom. In her book, Rice argues that the world is a better, freer place because an increasing number of nations – some of which she specifically profiles – have accepted democratic forms of government. The book has gotten a fair amount of attention in the press recently and an excerpt from the book was featured in a Fox News column this week. Even from reading the excerpt in the column, it quickly becomes evident that while Rice’s book is well-written and she makes a...

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