Universal Pre-K Isn’t “Well Intentioned”

The wheels have been turning (the speed of which is completely debatable) since the Republicans took charge officially last January. With a drastic shift in the worldview of the leadership of the previous administration to the present, we’ve seen an opportunity to undo many of the progressive policies that were promoted in both the Bush and Obama years, specifically in the realm of education. At the federal level, the appointment of Betsy DeVos shocked many as the Trump administration showed that the current attitude towards education reform would be drastically different from what we have...

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Reoccurring Populism and History Ignored

The attempt to forge a life that has no reverence for history is an unsustainable… Now, what does having been told that have anything to do to anything? I hear far too often the American-right go after secular progressives for one reason or another, but the same goes for the American-left going after Christian conservatives. The problem with both is that they wish to dominate the other but neither can justify a reason for doing so other than the common “because they’re just completely wrong.” Nearly a year ago I published an article discussing a very simple question, what comes after Trump?...

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