The World’s Leading Hypocrites – The BBC

Last week the BBC revealed the salary rates for employees earning over £150k per year. The furore has been immense with three distinct themes being clear. There is an enormous pay gap between the two genders (that’s male and female if you were unsure), between race and between class. The BBC is one of the world leaders in lecturing others about equality, racism and classism and to no one’s surprise, they are the world leaders in the very things on which they presume to chide others. For some recent lectures, err I mean articles from the BBC on this subject, you can read here and here for but...

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The Obamafication of Macron

Eleven years ago, the US media started to produce glowing, servile reports about the junior senator from Illinois named Barack Obama. I remember reading an article in Time Magazine that had a curious lack of curiosity about it. The Senator was shown in flattering photos with good lighting, his megawatt smile beaming with confidence. Everything about him was wonderful. All his words had the ring of hope and change and even creaky floorboards stopped creaking when he walked on them. The lack of curiosity was about his achievements in life and what he’d actually done so far. According to Time...

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Fingerprint Scanners – Coming to a King of Knives Near You

On May 4 The Australian’s Paul Maley ran an exclusive story with the New South Wales Counter Terrorism Minister, David Elliot. The headline read: ‘Terror cops ‘need more of your info’. According to the minister, 'Police increasingly will need to rely on basic information about people's daily personal transactions - such as car hires, knife purchases or hotel bookings - if they are to prevent terrorist attacks.' 'As terrorist attacks become more rudimentary, Mr Elliot has flagged greater co-operation from the private sector as the key to keeping the community safe.... Islamic terror would...

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18C and The Doctrine of Emotional Protectionism

Who gave you this authority? Anytime authority is exercised over you a legitimate question to ask is, ‘who gave you this authority?’ As the discussion about 18C & D continues in Australia, a thought should come to mind whenever you turn your attention to the issue. When was this ever discussed at an election? When did my local MP ever bring this up in communication with me? Deputy Prime Minister and Nationals leader, Barnaby Joyce claimed that this was not an important issue among the electorate and was ‘a political distraction’. Well, I suppose that view is a luxury a politician can...

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Citizen Saves State

Earlier this month an amazing thing happened on Channel 9. The broadcaster showed an incredible recording of Ashad Russell rescuing a police deputy from criminal attack. The viewing is remarkable, not only in content but more so because they actually showed it. On 14 November 2016, Sheriff’s Deputy Dean Bardes of Lee County Florida, had stopped Edward Strother on the highway and was subsequently attacked. Strother managed to get the better of Bardes and was on top of the deputy, striking him and trying to grab the deputy’s gun. Enter Ashad Russell – responsible citizen. Russell who was...

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