Venezuela Needs to Sort Itself without American Intervention

Venezuela Needs to Sort Itself without American Intervention

Venezuela has hit the news again after the Trump Administration announced support for the opposition. This decision has caused conflict not only with Maduro, but also with the Russian government for the United States. This is because Russia has secure financial relations with Maduro’s Venezuela. While it is the duty of any moral person to empathize with the socialist hell that the people of Venezuela suffer, it is also the duty of foreign nations to respect sovereignty. The Venezuelan people deserve a revolution. They do not, however, need American intervention to have this revolution....

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Helsinki Summit: A Call for Peace for Some, Call for War for Others

On July 16, 2018, President Trump met with Vladimir Putin in Helsinki to discuss US Relations with Russia, and the neoconservative establishment is melting down over the possibility of peace. Many prominent libertarians have also bought into the hysteria that the Establishment has propagated, claiming that we are still in the Cold War (or that Cold War II must begin). But ultimately, any lover of liberty must ignore the war trumpets of John McCain, Chuck Schumer, and the mainstream media, for they merely want to throw the world into at least Cold War II, it perhaps World War III. As...

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