I Can’t Believe You Send Your Children to Government School

by | Sep 8, 2020

Why do you people hire the Nazi Gestapo to teach your kids how to read and write? I know, it’s because you’re a ridiculous stupid idiot because you went to government school too.

Don’t you know there’s libraries and the internet and stuff?

Teacher at Grand Mountain School in Colorado Springs calls the police on a young black boy for having a toy Nerf™ gun at home in a Zoom video classroom.

He didn’t point it at anyone. He didn’t threaten anyone. Just picked it up for a second.

The cops came right out to the boy’s home and threatened him with time in prison. Good thing they didn’t just blow the kid’s head off for him.

The cowards at KDVR TV refused to print the name of the disgusting person who would dare to inflict deadly force on her own student, a 12-year-old. But someone should find out her name and paste her picture and make her a famous public person for daring to cross this line.

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