The Government of Louisville, Kentucky is at War Against Its Population

by | Jul 16, 2020

Here their paramilitary SWAT team accosts a house painter, his girlfriend and her 10-year-old daughter because they are so crazy and stupid they raided the same house twice, the second time weeks after successfully arresting the guy they were looking for, who was still sitting in jail at the time of the second raid.

I have an idea:

How about the Louisville BLM movement, which is doing great work targeting the DA to pressure him over holding Breonna Taylor’s murderers accountable now head over to the judge’s house? I bet his wife would just love to welcome 5,000 young black protesters over for tea and cookies.

How about from now on, every time a paramilitary SWAT team raids a civilian home in America, all the protesters head straight over to the home of the judge who signed the warrant, occupy the lawn, bother the hell out of the neighbors and let them know that they will never live happy lives again until they resign their office? Night raids would be over and banned in a month.

This I think would be especially noteworthy due to the fact that holding judges to account for violations of people’s rights is absolutely unheard of and will sound shocking and surprising to people when they hear the idea for the first time. But why in the world should judges be above accountability for crimes committed under their authority? How could anyone defend such a state of affairs? So I think it could be a point very well made.

Focus. Focus. Eye on the ball. (I know easy for me to say, but I really do wish you the best of success against these crazed killers.)


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