Chinese Spy Balloon Bonanza Ep. 246 ft. Liam McCollum

by | Feb 4, 2023

Patrick is joined by Liam McCollum to discuss the state of US-China tensions.

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Show Notes:

Liam’s testimony against Ukraine war support in a Montana legislative committee.

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Amid Concerns Over a Balloon, US Cancels High-Level Meeting with China by Kyle Anzalone

Pentagon Claims It’s Tracking a Suspected Chinese Spy Balloon Over the US by Dave DeCamp

Report: House Speaker Kevin McCarthy Plans to Visit Taiwan by Dave DeCamp

US Marines Open New Base on Guam to Prepare for Future War With China by Dave DeCamp

China Holds Live-Fire Drills in South China Sea After US Warships Enter Region by Dave DeCamp

Air Force General Predicts the US Will Be at War With China in 2025 by Dave DeCamp

US Opens Embassy in Solomon Islands to Counter China by Dave DeCamp

NATO Chief Calls for Stronger Partnership With Japan on Tokyo Visit by Dave DeCamp

The Danger of ‘Great Power Competition’ with Russia and China by Patrick MacFarlane

US to make greater use of drones to spy on China, experts say by Liu Zhen

US to Open Four New Sites in the Philippines, Accelerating ‘Pivot to Asia’ by Kyle Anzalone and Connor Freeman

What Tim Pool Should Know About Our Cold War With China by Patrick MacFarlane and Will Porter

China’s Belt and Road Initiative Is a Mess, Not a Master Plan by Lee Jones

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