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Foreign Policy

The Duty

The drumbeats of war seem to be the heartbeat of history and most often requires a generation of boys to wage it. Boys of a certain age are assumed to become combatants, to be used as fodder and be made killers or charged guilty of such potential, regardless of...

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A History of Sino-American Relations

The following lecture was delivered at Spring Arbor University, October 2023. There is hardly anything more important to the future of the world than Sino-American relations. And that’s quite a thing to say when looking at the state of the world these days. But...

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TGIF: Arms Sales and Democracy

The U.S. government's role as the world's premier arms donor and dealer is now under renewed scrutiny. I can't imagine why. But seriously... We may legitimately ask if this role fulfills democracy's promise of, in Lincoln's words, "government of the people, by the...


Moral Equivalence in War (Both Sides are Wrong)

It has become fashionable once again for regime apologists to denounce as “simpleminded,” even immoral, any assertion or intimation of moral equivalence between government killers and the factional fighters who undertake violent retaliation against them. Throughout...

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Imperial Tilt

The Imperial U.S. Government (IUSG) and its “greatest ally,” the state of Israel, are in full psychotic & psychopathic Tilt. Together, these governments are confronting the entire planet as they reinforce each other’s fundamental and inverse mythologies. Tilt...

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Conservatives Irrationally Fear the Rest of the World

In a throwback to its former glory, the satire website The Onion recently published an article titled, “Conservative Relative’s Description Of Chicago Clearly Came Directly From Dante’s ‘Inferno.’” Though sadly one could never expect them to be this erudite, this...

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