Russia Pummels Ukrainian Energy Infrastructure as Kiev Seeks More Air Defenses

by | May 8, 2024

Russia Pummels Ukrainian Energy Infrastructure as Kiev Seeks More Air Defenses

by | May 8, 2024

FILE PHOTO: A US-made Patriot air defense system is seen firing at an undisclosed location. (Credit: ZUMA Press)

Russian missiles and drones targeted energy infrastructure in cities across Ukraine on Tuesday night. The attack was one of Moscow’s largest so far in the war and came as Kiev is desperately seeking new air defense systems. 

According to Ukrainian officials, Russia used 70 missiles and drones during the assault, dealing another major blow to the country’s energy sector. The Kremlin said some of the munitions used were Kinzhal hypersonic missiles.

“The goals of the strike were achieved. All the designated targets were destroyed,” the Russian Defense Ministry stated. “The strike substantially degraded Ukraine’s capabilities for rolling out military products and deploying Western-made armaments and military equipment to the line of combat engagement.” 

Moscow claimed the strikes were in response to Ukrainian attacks on Russian energy targets. “In retaliation to the Kiev regime’s attempts to inflict damage on Russia’s energy facilities, the Russian Armed Forces delivered a combined strike…against Ukrainian energy sites and military-industrial enterprises,” the Defense Ministry statement added. 

Ukrainian officials said targets were hit in seven cities, and three people were injured. Ukraine’s biggest private electricity supplier said it has now lost 80% of its capacity to generate energy.

The Russian attack followed a number of previous strikes on the power grid, and came as Ukraine struggles to defend its territory and cities. Ukrainian leaders have pleaded with their Western backers for additional air defenses and missiles as Kiev is increasingly unable to ward off Russian aircraft and missile strikes, leaving some of its airspaces virtually undefended.

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