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News Roundup 7/18/2024

News Roundup 7/18/2024

US News Republican Hawks Want Mike Pompeo and Tom Cotton in Trump’s Cabinet AWC Russia NATO Appoints Senior Official To Represent Alliance in Ukraine AWC Germany Plans To Slash Ukraine Spending in Half AWC China China Stops Arms Control Talks With the US Over Arms...

If Pigs Could Fly: The F35 Continues to Miss the Mark

The Pentagon will continue to pay Bugatti prices for Yugos until the morale improves. Software upgrades have haunted this flying circus since its "full operational status" was fabricated years ago. The combination of a severely Sovietized acquisition system married to...

Pentagon Officially Ends Gaza Pier Operations

Pentagon Officially Ends Gaza Pier Operations

A temporary floating pier that was intended to bring food and other aid into Gaza has been officially terminated, according to the Department of Defense. While the White House is touting the operation as a success, it cost hundreds of millions of dollars and provided...

Death Toll for Palestinian Journalists Hits 160 in Gaza

Death Toll for Palestinian Journalists Hits 160 in Gaza

The death count for Palestinian journalists in Gaza has hit 160 as Israeli forces continue to target civilians throughout the Strip. The mass killing of reporters has shrouded the true devastation caused by the Israeli bombing campaign.  The Gaza media office reported...

The Empire Strikes Back: Soldiering and Brain Injury

Whatever empires do abroad eventually comes home. Yet another unintended consequences come home in a tidal wave. This is personal; I was diagnosed with Traumatic Brain Injury in 2019. I spent nearly a quarter century in the US military. I know there's a connection....



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