Empire of Death: America’s Moral Bankruptcy Ep. 218

by | May 31, 2022

In this episode, I take a deeper dive on my latest editorial up at the Libertarian Institute, share my experience at Chillderburg, introduce my new newsletter website, and thank several outlets that have started reprinting my Libertarian Institute articles.

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Show Notes:

My Archive at GlobalResearch.ca

Future of Freedom Foundation

Pot, Meet Kettle: America’s Use of Chemical, Biological, and Nuclear Weapons by Patrick MacFarlane

Adam Kinzinger Executes Neocon Vision for Ukraine by Patrick MacFarlane

Conflicts of Interest 279: The Evil Republicans guest Patrick MacFarlane

The Iran-Contra Affair 20 Years On

Why “we” REALLY nuked both Hiroshima and Nagasaki. In just 3 days. by L. Richard White

Safety and the Trinity Test — U.S. Department of Energy

Human Radiation Experiments — Atomic Heritage Foundation

Iraq got seeds for bioweapons from U.S. — Baltimore Sun

In 1950, the U.S. Released a Bioweapon in San Francisco by Helen Thompson

Blood & Fog: The Military’s Germ Warfare Tests in San Francisco by Rebecca Kreston

Who Opposed Nuking Japan? by Scott Horton

Scott Spaulding interview re Fallujah

‘Return of the Living Dead’ and the US Army Chemical Corps [Bonus]




Patrick Macfarlane

Patrick Macfarlane

Patrick MacFarlane is the Justin Raimondo Fellow at the Libertarian Institute where he advocates a noninterventionist foreign policy. He is a Wisconsin attorney in private practice. He is the host of the Vital Dissent at www.vitaldissent.com, where he seeks to oppose calamitous escalation in US foreign policy by exposing establishment narratives with well-researched documentary content and insightful guest interviews. His work has appeared on antiwar.com, GlobalResearch.ca, and Zerohedge. He may be reached at patrick.macfarlane@libertyweekly.net

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