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News Roundup 8/18/2022

News Roundup 8/18/2022

US News Air Force Special Operations Command’s CV-22 Osprey aircraft fleet has been grounded over unknown issues with the clutch. Defense News China A top US military commander said Tuesday that the US must “contest” China’s missile launches over Taiwan that were...

Shadowy Figures Surrounding 9/11 w/Adam Fitzgerald

Shadowy Figures Surrounding 9/11 w/Adam Fitzgerald

Adam Fitzgerald joined me to discuss the less talked about aspects of 9/11. We spent most of our time discussing the characters involved and around the event. We could have gone for hours on this subject, but as you will hear, I hit a wall at the 2 hour mark. Adam...

News Roundup 3/16/2022

News Roundup 3/16/2022

US News The US donated 4.9 million Pfizer covid vaccination doses to Vietnam through Covax. [Link] The Chicago police officer who shot and killed Adam Tolodeo will not be charged. [Link] A US consulate in Mexico closes after coming under fire. [Link] Russia Ukraine's...

News Roundup 3/16/2022

News Roundup 3/8/2022

US News The Biden administration is pushing the Supreme Court to allow the Pentagon to enforce its vaccine mandate for Navy Seals. [Link] The Pentagon extends the deployment of National Guards soldiers in DC through Wednesday. [Link] The Idaho National Guard will...

Bill Clinton the Horrible

If someone has done a full and honest assessment of Bill Clinton's presidency, I would really like to see it. It is stunning how many ills Clinton's two terms in office inflicted, directly or indirectly, on the American people and the world. Some of the worst stuff...



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