Another Successful Fundraiser and the Year Ahead

Another Successful Fundraiser and the Year Ahead

I cannot express how grateful I am, and all the staff and writers here at the Institute are, for your vote of confidence in our work. We've got an incredible year ahead. I'm working on my new book with Darryl Cooper now, Provoked: America's Role in the Russia-Ukraine...

News Roundup 12/23/21

News Roundup 12/23/21

US News US airstrikes have dropped about 54% since Biden took office. [Link] Military families in Hawaii believe they have been exposed to contaminated water for months longer than the Navy currently admits. [Link] The US sanctions three people in Brazil for...

Noam Chomsky Mentions Fool’s Errand

Twice! "The invasion was not only a violation of international law, as marginal a concern in Washington as the anti-Taliban Afghan resistance, but also had no credible pretext on any grounds. "Pure criminality. "Furthermore, ample evidence is now available showing...

News Roundup 12/23/21

News Roundup 8/13/21

Afghanistan  Afghanistan’s second-largest city, Kandahar is under Taliban control. [Link] The Taliban captured the capital of the Uruzgan province. [Link] The US is carrying several airstrikes a day. Many of the strikes are targeting US equipment captured by the...

Burn in Hell Donald Rumsfeld

Burn in Hell Donald Rumsfeld ... the libertarian stands foursquare for what are generally known as “civil liberties”: the freedom to speak, publish, assemble, and to engage in such “victimless crimes” as pornography, sexual deviation, and prostitution (which the...

More Interviews of Me

GodArchy Podcast - Michael Maharrey The History of Al-Qaeda - Keith Knight Youse Guys and that Podcast Liberty Lockdown - Clint Muhe And here's the speech I gave last week in New Jersey. (I screwed up a few times in this one, but still.)...



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