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News Roundup 7/3/2024

News Roundup 7/3/2024

Russia Hungary’s Orban Visits Ukraine, Suggests Zelensky Consider a Ceasefire AWC Austin Says US Will Provide Ukraine With New $2.3 Billion Weapons Package AWC Israel Staffer Resigns, Says Working for Biden ‘Makes You Complicit in Genocide’ The Institute  Israeli Nat...

News Roundup 6/18/2024

Russia US and Canadian Warships Arrive in Cuba During Russian Naval Deployment AWC NATO Mulling Increasing Nuclear Deployments AWC China China Blamed as West Fuels Nuclear Buildup AWC Israel ‘Nothing Has Changed’ Since Israel Announced Limited Humanitarian Pause AWC...

Nothing New in Military Technology Disasters

Readers think I am highly critical of Western military foibles and bad decisions (I am) but history is replete with mismanagement and poor planning planet-wide in military technology. Like the Indian nuclear submarine disaster from leaving a hatch open on the INS...

Now They Figure It Out…

Too little and too late and once the smaller companies get Pentagon contracts, they will be destroyed in the Pentagon's Soviet acquisition system. “While the Armament Directorate remains committed to our highly-capable legacy products, we have become convinced that...

Nearly 40% of Rafah Buildings Damaged Or Destroyed

Nearly 40% of Rafah Buildings Damaged Or Destroyed

Satellite imagery shows that 40% of the buildings in the southern region of the Gaza Strip have now been damaged or destroyed by the Israeli onslaught. Before Israel began its assault on the city, Rafah had served as a refuge for over 1 million Palestinians. ...



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