News Roundup 6/17/21

News Roundup 6/17/21

US News Michigan police and SWAT carried out a no-knock raid on the wrong home because they failed to investigate a tip from an informant. [Link] The DC Council voted to ban flavored tobacco and e-cigarettes. [Link] Senator Chuck Schumer says he will allow a vote on...

House Votes to End Iraq War

House Votes to End Iraq War

On FPF #450, I discuss the House vote to repeal the 2002 Authorization for Use of Military Force. The bill was passed in 2002, allowing President Bush to start a war with Saddam's regime in Iraq. Saddam was hung in 2006 and, his army disbanded. However, both...

News Roundup 6/17/21

News Roundup 1/30/20

US News The House will vote on two bills today that attempt to restrict the president from starting a war with Iran. One bill says the president must get authorization from Congress before starting a war with Iran and the other bill repeals the 2002 AUMF. [Link] A...

News Roundup 9/27/18

The FED raises interest rates .25%. [Link] Trump claims China ran a propaganda ad in a US newspaper. [Link] A new AUMF is not enough to end the endless wars. [Link] The US accuses China of waging a broad malign influence campaign. [Link] The US flies B-52 bombers near...



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