White House Gives Somalia Millions in Weapons

White House Gives Somalia Millions in Weapons

The US announced a $9 million military assistance package to the Somali government based in Mogadishu. The Joe Biden administration hopes the Somali military will use the weapons against al-Shabaab.  A statement by US Africa Command on Sunday said the package includes...

News Roundup 12/29/2022

News Roundup 12/29/2022

US News The 2023 National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) increases the budget of the Pentagon’s newest branch by billions of dollars. The funding increase comes after a top Space Force civilian employee sexually harassed his subordinates and kept his job. The...

News Roundup 12/29/2022

News Roundup 11/27/2022

Venezuela The US might soon grant Chevron a license to pump oil in Venezuela in a move that would ease crippling sanctions that were imposed on the South American country by the Trump administration. AWC Russia Poland said Monday that Germany will deploy a US-made...



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