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News Roundup 12/3/19

News Roundup 12/3/19

US News Trump is using the PATRIOT Act to indefinitely detain a non-US citizen in the US. Trump is the first president to use this power. [Link] The Trump administration is considering adding a regulation that would require all US citizens to be photographed entering...

News Roundup 12/3/19

News Roundup 12/2/19

US News The California DMV is making $50 million a year selling drivers information. [Link] Jordan Smith explains fingerprint analysis can be a complex and subjective science. The so-called experts who testify in criminal trials have dubious qualifications. [Link] The...

Haitians Rise Against The Empire

Thousands of Haitians have taken to the streets in protest against the US puppet government in Haiti and the constant meddling in Haitian affairs by the Core Group (US, Canada, France, Brazil, Spain, UN, Eu and OAS).  Years of interfering in Haiti starting with the...

Is The EU A Federal State?

Is The EU A Federal State?

In 1776 the Kingdom of Great Britain saw the Thirteen Colonies in America announce their Independence. At stake was the question of sovereignty. In 2016 the United Kingdom declared its independence from the EU. At stake is the question of sovereignty. Ironies of...

News Roundup 7/10/19

News Roundup 7/10/19

US News Kamala Harris’s career as a prosecutor leaves a disturbing record of supporting the death penalty and illegal practices. [Link] An IG report finds the NSA is failing to implement controls on its spying programs to prevent illegal searches. [Link] Brazil The...

News Roundup 5/30/19

Nuclear Weapons A US intelligence official said Russia possibly has the capabilities to violate the ban on testing nuclear weapons and is probably not adhering to the 'zero-yield' standard. An international nuclear watchdog group does not back the statement. [Link] A...



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