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News Roundup 8/21/20

News Roundup 8/21/20

US News Steve Bannon has been arrested for defrauding donors to the “We Build the Wall” fundraiser. [Link] The US will use funds frozen by sanctions on Venezuela to fund the regime change effort against Maduro. [Link] UN Trump says the US will push for snapback...

News Roundup 8/21/20

News Roundup 2/14/20

US News Space Force General Jay Raymond is currently the only soldier in the new branch. Over the next year, 6,000 members of the Air Force will transfer to the Space Force. In 2021, 100 members of the Army will transfer. The Space Force currently has 16,000 people...

News Roundup 3/4/19

US News Amazon removes ‘anti-vax’ content from Prime Video. [Link] Trump says he will sign an executive order that requires colleges to protect free speech to get federal research grants. [Link] The Supreme Court blocks the execution of a man whose dementia prevents...



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