News Roundup 12/23/21

News Roundup 12/23/21

US News US airstrikes have dropped about 54% since Biden took office. [Link] Military families in Hawaii believe they have been exposed to contaminated water for months longer than the Navy currently admits. [Link] The US sanctions three people in Brazil for...

The Disgusting Amy Klobuchar

She's a guilty accessory to murder. "At the same time she was ramping up sentences, Ms. Klobuchar was also building a tight relationship with law enforcement, which is common for prosecutors. Some civil rights leaders say that skewed her other priorities, and explains...

Deputy Faked Being Shot by Sniper

Cops lie all the time. Because they're criminals. Also: The [apartment] building, which overlooks the sheriff’s station parking lot and is used by a nonprofit organization to house people with mental illness, is a safety hazard, [Lancaster Mayor R. Rex Parris] said....

This Isn’t Going To Fit The Current Narrative

More calls for gun control after Philadelphia standoff with police but this man was a convicted felon.  What specific laws could have stopped him since he was apparently undeterred by laws we currently have - confiscation, ending all gun sales, tougher sentencing...

An Endless War? Getting Out of Afghanistan

I was recently featured in this documentary "An Endless War? Getting Out of Afghanistan," by Bob Coen along with Matthew Hoh, Phyllis Bennis, Gen. Krulak and others. They're screening it for Congress next week: 5pm Thursday June 6 - Room 2044, Rayburn House Office...

The Spy Who Wasn’t

The Spy Who Wasn’t

On a steamy Sunday last July, at about half-past noon, a caravan of unmarked SUVs exited the FBI’s Washington, D.C., field office, an eight-story concrete building that exudes all the charm of a supermax prison. The cars moved swiftly across the city; speed was...

Putin Congratulates Trump

This is the single best aspect of Hillary's loss. She was bound to a horrible Russia policy like JB Weld. One of the only things Trump was good and consistent on was his wish to cool off all this heat with Russia that's been building up since the Cheney years. The...



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