News Roundup 1/15/19

The Neocons The Neocons are returning to influence within the Trump Administration and the Democratic Party. [Link] Glenn Greenwald on the Democratic elite’s reunion with the neocons and the Democratic voters’ move towards militarism. [Link] Matt Taibbi: The Return of...

When Foreign Aid Is Wrong

When Foreign Aid Is Wrong

People sometimes do the right thing, but for the wrong reason—including presidents and politicians. The Obama administration slashed hundreds of millions of dollars in military and economic assistance to Egypt in 2013 after the ouster of Egypt’s president Mohamed...

John Bennett’s Jihad

John Bennett’s Jihad

In seeking a suitable description of Oklahoma State Representative -- and compulsive mosque-baiter -- John Bennett, one must resist the temptation to use the familiar epithet "horse's ass," even though the effluent that emerges from Bennett's tax-devouring skull cave...



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