FPF #284 – Meng Wanzhou’s Arrest

On FPF #284, I discuss the arrest of Meng Wanzhou in Canada. Meng is the exec of Chinese communications giant Huawei. The arrest came as Trump was meeting with Chinese President Xi. Trump and Xi agreed to a tariff truce. However, this arrest could harm that progress. ...

Trump’s Problem: His Business Experience

Over a career of consulting with family businesses, including very large ones, I came to know many CEOs who rose to the top of the business the way that Donald Trump did:  by being the son of the founder and thus the heir-apparent.  (All of them were men.) It’s more...

Win the Debate, Don’t Shut It Down

UC Berkeley’s successful attempt to shut down an appearance by Ann Coulter last week was just the latest example of college campuses - and liberals as a whole - attempting to stifle free speech by acting as society’s morality police. As an antiwar activist, I am...

News Roundup 11/17/16

Second-degree manslaughter charges have been filed against the police officer who killed Philando Castile. [Link] The USA Freedom Act has increased spying on American citizens. The USA Freedom Act requires telecommunication companies to hold the metadata rather than...



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