Impeachment Hearings

Wow. Kent making clear the importance to the establishment of bringing Ukraine into NATO ASAP. He called the Ukrainian militias fighting the people in the east, who are backed by Russian help, "minutemen" like those who served George Washington in America's War of...

Who Is Really Responsible For The Ukraine Scandal?

Of course.  We should have known all along who was really behind this and why. This Democrat-manufactured crisis has consumed Congress. But no one is more pleased than Vladimir Putin. Intentional or not, Democrats are literally following the Russian president’s...

Foreign Policy Focus #131 – Putin!

On FPF #131, I address several claims of Russian Aggression. I refute a tweet from Mitt Romney. I explain how the Crimea crisis started with a US coup. I detail how Russia was welcomed into Syria, and the US continues to stay in the country without an invitation. I...

News Roundup 11/17/16

Second-degree manslaughter charges have been filed against the police officer who killed Philando Castile. [Link] The USA Freedom Act has increased spying on American citizens. The USA Freedom Act requires telecommunication companies to hold the metadata rather than...



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