You Know Who I Don’t Like? John Bolton.

He is a bad person. Former SK unification minister Chong Se-hyun suggests that summit was derailed by last minute attendance of Bolton, who added demands for NK to also report chemical/biological weapons, in response to which NKs increased their demand for sanctions...

FPF #198 – The Phantom Enemy

On FPF #198, I discuss the 12 demands the US gave Iran in a speech by Secretary of State Mike Pompeo. Many of the demands are based on false information or where agreed to in the JCPOA. Other demands require Iran to completely dissolve Iranian sovereignty. I show how...

U.S. Out of Afghanistan!

Trevor Thrall has written a great one for the Washington Examiner demanding an end to the occupation/war against Afghanistan. This is especially valuable in preaching non-intervention to the Examiner's conservative audience. Not that they aren't already sick of war by...



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