‘C’mon Man, I Thought You Liked Me’

Biden's former intern describes being sexually assaulted by the now-Democratic Party frontrunner in 1993. Sounds credible except for the fact that she wasn't pre-pubescent at the time, which seems to be his primary pathology....

Gabbard Wins a Delegate

The Democrats are therefore changing the debate rules again to exclude her.

Democrats Pulling Ahead in Stupid Contest

What a world. "The United States aids Ukraine and her people so they can fight Russia over there and we don’t have to fight Russia here." -- Tim Morrison 11/19/19 "It is ... our national interest to make sure that the Ukraine remains strong and on the front lines so...

President Impeached. Anyone Care?

I'd be nice if Trump was brought up on war crimes charges for his escalations in Afghanistan and Yemen, but instead all we get is this stupid CIA-Democrat half-assed Russiagate BS. At least it will make it funnier when the Democrats lose to him again next November.

House to Vote on Impeachment Today

I wonder if Donald Trump will do like Bill Clinton and start carpet-bombing Iraq today in a mission he'll name after the Nazi Erwin Rommel to distract us all and pose as a great World Leader. (Thanks a lot stupid Democrats for making me have to agree with Andrew...

Peter Schiff Style, Roast of Democrat Economics

Peter Schiff Style, Roast of Democrat Economics

Democrats argue for a high minimum wage, as they criticize Reaganomics for causing unemployment. But they have the situation backwards.  The Minimum wage causes unemployment, and Reaganomics caused a financial boom that for decades created wealth that rose the middle...

Boycott Apartheid Israel

"Democratic"? "Ally"? Israel is a totalitarian dictatorship, no better than China. They outright reject the Enlightenment and universal human rights. They are not part of the West at all.



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