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The Empire Strikes Back: Soldiering and Brain Injury

Whatever empires do abroad eventually comes home. Yet another unintended consequences come home in a tidal wave. This is personal; I was diagnosed with Traumatic Brain Injury in 2019. I spent nearly a quarter century in the US military. I know there's a connection....

News Roundup 7/17/2024

News Roundup 7/17/2024

US News CNN Report Claims Secret Service Ramped Up Security Based on Intel of Iran Plot Against Trump AWC Trump’s VP Pick Vance Says Iran Needs To Be ‘Punched Hard’ AWC Russia Members of European Parliament Want To Punish Hungary for Orban’s Peace Mission AWC  Kremlin...

News Roundup 7/17/2024

News Roundup 7/11/2024

Ukraine US, Netherlands, and Denmark Announce F-16 Transfer to Ukraine Now ‘Underway’ AWC US Announces It Will Deploy Previously Banned Nuclear-Capable Missiles To Germany AWC NATO Communiqué Repeats Vague Promise on Ukraine Membership, Accuses China of Being...

NATO Needs 35-50 Additional Brigades

NATO Needs 35-50 Additional Brigades

The North Atlantic Alliance's new battleplans will require members to produce hundreds of thousands of new soldiers and military equipment for a potential war with Russia. NATO Secretary-General Jens Stoltenberg claims the alliance has half a million soldiers at high...



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