Mark Perry: The Revenge Of Colonel Douglas Macgregor

Mark Perry at Responsible Statecraft Macgregor, a West Point graduate, is an acquired taste: outspoken and controversial. He has flagged reporters with his statements about immigrants (we need martial law at the U.S.-Mexico border), Iranians (we need to look for areas...

News Roundup 9/7/20

News Roundup 9/7/20

US News After Florida placed more police officers in schools, the number of school arrests and physical restraints went up. Police arrested 345 elementary school children in 2018-19. [Link] Afghanistan Trump plans to nominate Will Rugar to be Ambassador to...

‘The Rule of Law’

Exceptional "former" CIA officer Anne Sacoolas grinds the bones of an English boy to make her bread. And is of course far beyond accountability. Liberty, justice, tiny American flags for everybody.

War! Glorious War!

War! Glorious War!

According to a Government Accountability Office (GAO) study released in 2016 the US Government was spending over $1 Billion annually on Public Relations. Approximately $626 Million of that was used by the Department of Defense to fund its PR campaign glamorizing and...



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