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Cop Shoots Autistic 13-Year-Old Boy 12 Times

"I don't feel good." the mental toddler says. "Tell my mom I love her." That would be his treacherous back-stabbing betrayer of a mother who called the government death squad to deal with his temper tantrum in the first place. It is beyond lucky what a horrible shot...

‘I’m Shooting Him, I Need a Paid Vacation’

That's right, you bootlicking little worms. That's what your heroic thin blue line thinks of you. Killing you is how they get paid time off. Because they know that there will be no accountability because all of the bootlicking little worms out there who will always...

Cops Frame Dozens of Innocent People With Fake Heroin

In Raleigh, NC. Oh well though that's just "collateral damage" in the great drug war right folks? Like my friend's sister who they killed with an "experimental" new pain killer since her doctors were afraid of what the federal cops might do if they found out he was...

Cops Kill Man

Through their depraved indifference: Cops Taunt 24yo Man as He Drowns 10 Feet Away When one cop actually gets up enough courage to go in and attempt to save Baldwin, his fellow “hero” in blue tells him not to do it. “No, don’t go in there with him, he’s going to pull...



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