SCOTUS OSHA w/Michael Harris

SCOTUS OSHA w/Michael Harris

Michael Harris is back. In this episode we discuss COVID, the SCOTUS decision on the OSHA mandate, the mandate on healthcare workers, and Hoppe. Libertarian Institute 19 Skills Pdf Autonomy Course Critical Thinking Course Donate Patreon...

Putting Sugar in a Gas Tank is Easy

That's what I would do if some scumbag ripped me off like this. And that's if I'm in a good mood. Smashing a window or slashing a couple tires is pretty easy too. And I hear the cops have decided to stop enforcing laws against such acts in a few major cities already....

USA Claims Syria Using Chlorine Gas

And already attempting to build it up into a pretext for more strikes. Funny, since the most credible claims of Syrian use of poison gas were just finally completely debunked last week. How dare Assad attempt to finish the war against Obama and Brennan's al Qaeda...

Remember Now

The only reason this cop pulled Sandra Bland over was under the excuse that she pulled over to get out of his way without a signal. The he arrested her for resisting an arrest he had no cause to make in the first place. I believe that her death was a suicide, but it...



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