Why Waco Still Matters

Why Waco Still Matters

The following article was originally published on in 2005. On April 19, 1993, agents of the U.S. government assaulted the Branch Davidian “compound” at Waco, Texas – a religious community of Adventists under the leadership of David Koresh – killing 74 men,...

News Roundup 8/23/21

News Roundup 8/23/21

Afghanistan Polling shows Americans are supportive of Biden’s decision to leave Afghanistan. [Link] The US used three helicopters to airlift 169 Americans from a hotel outside of the Kabul Airport. [Link] UK officials report seven people were crushed to death outside...

News Roundup 8/23/21

News Roundup 2/5/21

US News The mayor of Olympia, Washington called protesters, who occupied a hotel demanding more aid for the homeless, ‘domestic terrorists.’ [Link] Phoenix prosecutors are labeling a group of young protesters, including minors, as a gang to charge them with more...



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