Empire Failures guest Marko Marjanovic

Empire Failures guest Marko Marjanovic

Marko Marjanovic returns to FPF to talk about Venezuela and Syria. Kyle and Marko discuss how US regime change efforts in Venezuela have failed to topple Maduro. The US actions have hurt the Venezuelan people and increased Maduro's popularity. In Syria, Assad is...

News Roundup 9/12/18

Trump and Kim Jong Un are planning a second meeting. [Link] A new citizenship program in India deprives about 4 million Muslim Indians of citizenship. [Link] At least 68 have been killed by a suicide bombing in Afghanistan. [Link] Taliban officials say they are ready...

News Roundup 9/4/18

The US and Russia block a UN proposal to ban autonomous killer robots. [Link] The US is considering sending more weapons to Ukraine. [Link] The leader of the Ukrainian separatists was killed in a bombing. [Link] Eric Margolis on the ethnic cleansing of the Rohingya in...

News Roundup 1/23/18

Mehdi Hasan will release a series of shows on blowback. [Link] The US provocations in the South China Sea will lead to a Chinese military buildup. [Link] Pence says US embassy in Jerusalem to open by end of next year. [Link] The US switching the Afghan military to...

Responding to WaPo Spin on Syria

What follows is a response to a July 26 article published at the Washington Post entitled “Why is the Trump Administration Empowering al-Qaeda in Syria?” penned by columnist Marc Thiessen. The article—while its headline sounds like something many non-interventionists...

Undercover in Idlib Province

Journalist Jenan Moussa has sent undercover reporters to Idlib Province, home of Uncle Sam and friends' "moderate" al Qaeda fighters there. Yet U.S. support for these terrorists continues under President Donald Trump.



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