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Senate Republicans Block Sweeping Domestic Terror Bill

Senate Republicans Block Sweeping Domestic Terror Bill

GOP lawmakers have voted to kill a major anti-domestic terrorism bill which would have created a series of new law enforcement units and a special task force to root out “Nazism” within US security agencies, blocking the legislation in the Senate after it narrowly passed in the lower chamber.

News Roundup 12/30/21

News Roundup 12/30/21

Covid Georgia will spend $100 million to hire medical staff and deploy 200 National Guard soldiers to medical facilities. [Link] Over 3,000 Navy reserve sailors missed the deadline to take the covid vaccination. [Link] US News Illinois bars the state employee pension...

News Roundup 12/30/21

News Roundup 7/7/21

US News The Biden administration will send people door to door in an effort to get more people to take a covid vaccination. [Link] An Illinois doctor reviewed a case file, and without examining the child, determined the child was suffering from abuse from Munchausen...

News Roundup 12/30/21

News Roundup 1/4/20

US News A UK judge denies the US extradition request of Julian Assange. [Link] The Department of Health and Human Services announces it will not charge distilleries $14,000 fee for producing hand sanitizer. [Link] Illinois expunges half a million marijuana arrest...



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