News Roundup 2/1/2023

News Roundup 2/1/2023

Russia Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky on Sunday said Ukraine needs to secure the supply of new weapons from its Western backers and that arms deliveries need to speed up. AWC Adm. Rob Bauer, the head of NATO’s Military Committee, said that NATO is “ready” for...

News Roundup 2/1/2023

News Roundup 1/17/2023

Russia Ukrainian Defense Minister Oleksii Reznikov told BBC on Friday that Ukraine is a “de facto” NATO member since it’s equipped with so many of the alliance’s weapons and dismissed the idea that his comments were controversial. AWC British Prime Minister Rishi...

News Roundup 2/1/2023

News Roundup 1/1/2023

Russia After over 10 months of fighting between Russian and Ukrainian forces, there’s no sign that 2023 will bring peace to Ukraine as the warring parties have radically different demands, and the US continues to escalate aid for Kyiv and its role in the war. AWC...



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