Jeff Sessions

News Roundup 5/4/17

Trump will sign an executive order to ease restrictions on churches and other tax-exempt organizations engaging in political activity. [Link] An activist was convicted of laughing during Jeff Sessions confirmation hearings. [Link] This article breaks down the $1.1...

News Roundup 3/28/17

Jeff Sessions announced that he will look to strip funding from sanctuary cities. [Link] The US is boycotting nuclear disarmament talks taking place at the UN. [Link] US soldiers in Mosul have started to wear black uniforms to look more like Iraqi counterterrorism...

News Roundup 3/11/17

Jeff Sessions is asking 46 US attornies appointed by Obama to resign from the Justice Department. When Past presidents have taken office, they have also asked for resignations from the previous administration's appointees. [Link] While US Marines are moving into Syria...



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