2% Inflation Is Killing Us

2% Inflation Is Killing Us

Fed chairman Jerome Powell is increasingly under fire for his apparently inability to take inflation seriously or admit it may be more than “transitory.” There’s been much talk of tapering the Fed’s enormous asset purchases, yet—as is typical for the Fed, actual...

How Wind Power Froze Texas

How Wind Power Froze Texas

In the wake of February’s tragic power outages in Texas, during which 4.5 million households suffered service interruptions, partisans on both sides have been quick to interpret the events as confirmation of their preferred energy policies. With news images of...

I Think I Finally “Get” The Economy

So more big Fed cash floods into the market? Back during QE2 you had partisan hack Krugman rationalizing it all (though QE had little to do with his Keynesian philosophy).  Guys like Bob Murphy were saying, "Yep, this is it, get ready for the inflation."  And then it...



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