Boomer-Hawk Converted

DZ writes: Mr. Horton, Couldn't track down an email for you, so Twitter will be my ham-fisted attempt at communicating. It is with the utmost respect and equal measure of delight that I contact you. In the last week I have moved to a new state and during those...



I'm doing two events this Saturday: WRMEA and IRmep's End Support for Apartheid Israel Conference at 1:00 PM Eastern and a speech to the Washington LP later that afternoon in Seattle with Peter R. Quinones, Matt Kibbe, Angela McArdle and others.

Cop Kills Man

Father of tiny helpless children gets in a car wreck, calls 911, cop murders him to death so now he can never be there to protect his family. Cop wins "Officer of the Year" award.

This Morning on Antiwar Radio

This morning on Antiwar Radio: Hassan El Tayyab about how you can help force Biden to end the war against the humans of Yemen. That's at 8:30 Pacific time, 90.7 FM @KPFK in L.A. kpfk.org

Walter Wallace’s Mother Called the Cops on Him

Philadelphia cops killed a black man, Walter Wallace, who was, despite early reports that he was standing still, charging them with a knife. A massive riot has broken out in response. https://twitter.com/GoStonerLife/status/1320879409411350534 They almost certainly...

Cops Kill Man

Stop me if you've heard this one before: ‘I Can’t Breathe. I’m Gonna Die, Help’: Cops Beat, Hold Handcuffed Man’s Face in the Dirt Until He Dies https://youtu.be/S2wd6wc_aMI

Matt Taibbi and the New Russiagate Whistleblower

Taibbi's new piece is called: "Our Man in Cambridge." It's about Stephen Halper's assistant, Steven P. Schrage, who has now written this new piece, "The Spies Who Hijacked America." Update: Steven Schrage's interview with Maria Bartiromo:...

If That Ain’t The Most Soviet Thing…

Guys, check out this screed against a payroll tax cut at CNN.com. Their awesome points: Trump wants it. Some Republicans and Democrats don't want it. Some people say it won't "boost" the economy now. It won't help people who don't have jobs. There's still a virus, and...

New SARS-CoV-2 Variant: More Infectious – Less Lethal

Genetic and Engineering News: A new variant of SARS-CoV-2 designated D614G is displacing the original variant D614 in all geographic regions. The new variant has been shown in laboratory studies to be more infectious but less lethal than the original D614 variant....



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